About - Emir de Souza Photography


My name is Emir. I am 16 years old living in Wellington, New Zealand.

At a very young age I was fascinated by the forces of nature and our beautiful diverse planet. I only got into landscape photography when I was 12 years old. On that day I was randomly snapping a few shots from my phone while I was on holiday in Hawkes Bay.

Picking up my first camera a few years ago has made me appreciate the natural environment more than before. This creative outlet has given me the motivation to push boundaries. It made me go on an endless pursuit, chasing rare moments of atmosphere and light.

My work will always be evolving. Whether you like my work or not, thanks for stopping by!

Personal Favourites

  • Dawn of the Volcanoes (2018)
  • Chaos and the Calm (2018)
  • Awakening Ngauruhoe (2018)
  • Celestial Eruption (2018)
  • Waterfall Heaven (2019)
  • Set Free (2018)
  • Midst of Chaos (2018)
  • Overwhelmed (2019)
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